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Hi, I really hope you aim to finish this delightful game. If you decide to do so, I am certain you could receive all the funding you would need through donations, Perhaps a patreon. (:

I loved playing this so much <3 

Not terrifying, HOWEVER, I loved it gj

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Ginkgo Horror Game Channel Reaction Video!
Definitely would recommend this game, I played and recorded the whole game above. The sound effect & detail graphics was on point, enjoyed the game!

Very unique mechanic to use a needle and a scissors to make way throughout the journey, the monster is very cool as well and the environment tells a story. It was well designed and wasn't confusing at all. Thank you for making this! 1st game.

Really cool game, loved what you did with the stitching mechanics in the game, especially with the cloth pull physics. Would love to see a much longer game with the mechanics, especially when you have such environment changing effects.

This is the cutest dog in the world! Thanks for the great game and the great doggo, they're a little grumpy but I'm sure they're just misunderstood

Awesome world building!  Love to see a new mechanic, throwing a sewing needle???  So CLEVER!!!  Following so I don't miss any releases from this Developer!

Such a great amount of ideas in this. This one of the few horror games that not only scared me, but ripped my heart out. Very good Devs. I look forward to a full thing. This was fantastic.

I tried playing it and it was really fun except it got too scary for me that I chickened out lol! Maybe I will be brave enough to finish it haha

I would love to see more come out of this, whether it be a sequel or an update. Gingko is, by far, one of my absolute favorites.

hello i played the game was really fun ! i loved the there any chance that you can share the wavs or something for listening purposes ! thx u! 

How do i download this ?


Hello, I love your game especially the spooky parts and the traditional music, but I think I found a bug where after the girl runs away from the monster she meets again, I fell out of the world. If it's possible for this to be fixed thank you.

here my gameplay : )

just load save data and... SURPRIZE!!!

Nice graphics!

I think you need a better cover photo


I made a video on the game please check it out!


Im definitly looking forward to the full game. Its not really a horror game for me, more like an absolutly amazing adventure with a wierd creature :) i like the needle part u put in the game. felt like something new!

I love it, really cool puzzles & scary at same time :) Really well done game!

Absolutely loved it!

What a great game! It has it's own authentic style and mechanics. Creepy sometimes, but I believe it's more about storytelling and puzzles. I would love to see more! 


wow, love the art style, i just love anything japanese


i sucked at figuring out what to do but i screamed really hard so thats nic


First of all, I enjoyed the game, finally got to try it. Second, I'm hesitating to post it here because of the thumbnail. I'm just really slow in figuring out puzzles... Sincere Apologies :( 

Steam Version

this is very spooky and also your game is HIGH QUALITY,

which great and awesome.

I ended out playing the steam version but has to post it here. Guys this game is amazing!!!


Dang this seriously impressed me, amazing job, i screamed multiple times, love it


made a video on this and its great the mechanics are unique and I love the art style the monster is dope but not that scary but it still makes for a unique experience that's worth checking out if you want to check out my video here it is 

very good game with a decent story would love to see more of this
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I spent a good amount of time working on this video, I really like this game, and can't wait to see it's full release!

Also, how do I get in contact with you Devs?


Tried out your game, pretty good stuff.

This game is really sad and I really enjoy learning about the relationships. Please play it! Also for the devs. if you die the motion blur gets re set to 70.

Saw John Wolfe play this game, very interesting game mechanic ! I see a great potential !

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I played this amazing game for my channel and I have to say its very new and fresh, however the bugs are a bit nerve racking. Overall Id say it was a distinct indie game.


I played through the demo and actually recorded it for my channel. I absolutely loved this demo. It is definitely one of my favorite games that I've played recently, and I am desperately waiting for more. Although I did run into a few minor issues occasionally, I thoroughly enjoyed the needle mechanic. We need more unique games like yours, thank you for making it!


Hey! Part of your game is also available on my channel's fun video!


Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here:


1. A very cool and original mechanic with the needle. I think it's very impressive! 

2. I love the monster. It's so creepy and weird - the perfect monster for a horror game.

3. The lore behind all of that is very interesting. I love that the game has secret rooms and notes that reveal more of the story. That is very cool. I hope that in the full version secrets will be everywhere))

Disadvantages (I played before the update though):

1. Very buggy. I broke literally everything. I fell into neverending pit and quitting and continuing always returned me there. So I had to start over. For some reason after that the game started lagging as hell. Also, if you look at the picture and press escape, the game freezes. I broke everything I could XD. You can see that in the video. Would be great if you could fix it anb if my vid would help you).

2. It was very strange how this monster with such long legs can not step over a thread. I think the game "ParanormalHK" has the similar monster but they can even walk on the ceiling. I think that would be more terrifying if the monster could walk on the ceiling or the walls.


I enjoyed that a lot. I think this game is wonderful. Though, it is soo buggy, Not cool! Still, I would rate it 5/5 as it is only early access. Keep up the great work!  

Hope my feedback was useful!


Had some bug with the scissors not cutting and the monster not.... monstering, but over all a fun puzzle game.


Your game was as I called it whimsical horror. I enjoyed the overall mechanics & atmosphere even though I felt it more of a puzzle platformer than horror. Kudos to everyone who worked on this!

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